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Plaintiff Settlements & Verdicts

Russum v Dr. XYZ, ABC Hospital, Manufacturer X: $4,700,000.00

Fulton County

Plaintiff Russum suffered anoxic brain injury due to cardiac medical negligence and device malfunction. Court approved 4.7 million dollars settlement.

Hendon v XYZ Medical Center: $704,000.00

2016 Montgomery Circuit Court

As a new born Plaintiff Hendon’s brachial plexus nerve was torn upon delivery. In this case a settlement offer of $704,000.00 was accepted before trial.

Henderson v. Watkins: $350,667.00

2016 Superior Court of Gwinnett County

Plaintiff Henderson was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street. In this case that could have settled for $25,000 the jury returned a $350,000.00 verdict.

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